Georgia Detours

Georgia Detours leads you off the beaten path and introduces you to people and places rarely experienced. Our detours take us to all corners of the State to bring you the very best that Georgia has to offer.

Special Edition

At GSUTV we practice responsible journalism. Our students search out those stories and incidents that deserve to be seen and heard. Some stories are hard-hitting and others heart warming.

Off The Record

Arts and culture are core programming categories at GSUTV. Music is the common element that binds these two together. Off the Record brings you all genres of music; from Hip-Hop to Indi, from Classical to Avant Garde.

Indie Filmmakers

Georgia has become the home of international film productions and episodic televison. But here in Georgia its the Indi filmmaker that drives much of the artistic direction of mainstream entertainment. Join us as we meet these filmmakers and discover what motivates them and how they craft their art.

Live at the Rialto

The Rialto Theater has been one of Atlanta's premier performing arts venues for one hundred years. Live at the Rialto brings you the very best in music, theater, dance, and the performing arts.


From gaming to immersive Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, Georgia is becoming known throughout the world as a leader in innovation. Join us as we speak to these innovators and see how they are forging new innovations in the fields of entertainment, education, and commerce. Our first episode features inventor Ted Ciamillo and provides the viewer with a glimpse of what it takes to be an innovator.

Burning Blue

As part of GSUTV's ongoing relationship with the Athletics Department we produce a series called Burning Blue. This series examines the hopes and ambitions of Georgia State Athletics. Join us as we travel with the teams to produce this special series and bring you stories on the events and individuals that define Georgia State Athletics.

The Gallery

Sometimes it's good to take a break from adventure and sit down with some of America's great minds to add a little culture to our lives. The Gallery is a series focused on experts, artists, and designers of all walks of life with the purpose of adding a different perspective on this crazy thing called life.

Student Filmmakers

Student Filmmakers focuses the new crop of artisits that will become the next generation of independent and theatrical filmmakers. We've scouted school film fests from across the state to bring you the finest student films in Georgia. Some of which will absolutely amaze you.