The Rising Tide

Burning Blue

Orange Beach, Alabama is a popular vacation destination known for its pure white sands and abundance of leisure activities. In the summer of 2016 it was also home to the first ever NCAA sanctioned Woman’s Beach Volleyball Championship. GSUTV sent a crew to Orange Beach to capture this event and learn more about the players, their passion for the sport, and their hopes of building a solid competitive Panther team.

Filming all day on the beach was rough duty but someone had to do it!

A Path to March

Burning Blue

When RJ Hunter hit his epic three-pointer against Baylor he set a precedent for Georgia State Athletics. GSUTV took a trip over the Sports Arena to talk with Coach Ron Hunter, Mike Holmes, players, and some students to get the full story. In this episode of Burning Blue we take a look back a RJ's long shot from the 2015 NCAA Tournament and look at the path that led to this succesful season.

We also take a look at how Coach Hunter will lead his new team of Panthers back in action for the 2017 Season!

The Spark That Ignited a Legacy

Burning Blue

When the GSU football team was invited to compete in the 2015 Cure Bowl in Orlando Florida GSUTV sent a production crew to produce the University’s first Burning Blue episode. Our cameras captured fans, players, alumni, and parents as they cheered on the Panthers. President Mark Becker and Athletic Director Charlie Cobb shared their hopes and aspirations for the football team and the school’s athletic program.

Keep an eye out for a new Burning Blue as the football team prepares to host the new season at Turner Field.